Orem Pool Closing

The procedures for closing your Orem pool efficiently is just as those for opening it and may actually require even more careful planning and expertise. Protect your investment by ensuring that the filtration system and equipment of your above-ground pool is kept safe during the off-season. Experienced Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions technicians provide a range of pool closing services to make the process easier.

Basic pool closing services include:

  • Partial pool draining
  • Water drainage of piping equipment
  • Disconnection of all equipment
  • Accessories removal and storage
  • Treatment and winterization of filtration equipment
  • End of season shock treatment
  • Pool cover installation

Comprehensive Services for all Pool Types

Don’t wait until debris has collected inside your pool and its accompanying filtration systems before calling our pool pros. Whether you require a winter cover installation, advice on lowering pool water levels appropriately, or qualified advice on winter protection products and treatments, Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions technicians are equipped to safely and efficiently close any residential pool regardless of size or type.  Allow our qualified staff to handle every detail with a range of optional services that include salt water cleaning, cartridge filter cleaning, sand filter changes, chemical balancing and any necessary repairs or pool part replacements. 

Closing Pools Safely 

The average pool owner may not put much thought into closing a pool once the season is over, yet neglecting to plan properly can translate to pool damage and added expense.  Whether you are looking to winterize your pool in the Orem area, or simply require a pool closing service at any time of the year, avoid problems and unnecessary stress with solutions from experienced Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions experts. 

What Happens When a Pool is Not Properly Closed?

In colder climates, the equipment on an inadequately winterized pool can freeze and become irreparably damaged when frozen parts begin to thaw. Extreme temperature fluctuations can ruin a filtration system and piping when not protected. In addition, Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions recommends a final water test and chemical balancing for pool water using specific products that are designed to protect pool surfaces and piping when not in use.

Cleaning Your Pool Before Closing

In addition to chemical balancing to limit algae growth and facilitate opening the following year, the sides and bottom of any pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and brushed to remove all debris prior to closing.  Skimmer baskets should be cleaned and emptied, and all accessories rinsed before storage. Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions technicians provide these and additional optional services for Orem pool owners, including filter and tank cleaning and secure installation of any type of pool cover. 

Draining the Water Lines

Disassembly of your pool’s equipment involves more than just pulling apart the piping. Our technicians drain and then dry all equipment and apply antifreeze treatments when necessary. Our technicians have been trained to safely shutdown any type of pool heater system and are also experienced with the maintenance of salt water systems. 

Closing a pool efficiently can challenge even the most experienced pool owner. Contact Any Spa & Pool Repair Solutions pool experts to schedule an appointment and for answers to any questions you may have.